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Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological

Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays. Hans Vogel

Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays

ISBN: 3540709959,9783540709954 | 2129 pages | 36 Mb

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Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays Hans Vogel

Despite significant interest, functional selectivity has been difficult to exploit in drug discovery, in part due to the burden of multiple assays. Within the Biologics Oversight Function, the Biologics Pharmacology Research Laboratories will be created for target based drug discovery and pharmacological evaluation of next generation biopharmaceuticals. Cellular impedance assays use an emerging technology that can qualitatively distinguish Gs, Gi/o, and Gq signaling in a single assay and is thereby suited for studying these pharmacological concepts. "The second edition of 'Drug Discovery and Evaluation' presents an expanded and updated version of one of the classic reference handbooks on pharmacological assays. • Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays, 3rd edition; ed. Hans Vogel; Springer; 2007 • Real World Drug Discovery: A Chemist's Guide to Biotech and Pharmaceutical Research; Robert M. Here a side-by-side comparison of bioluminescence and fluorescence-based assays, utilizing a luciferase reporter cassette that confers a strong temporal pattern of luciferase expression during the S-phase of intraerythrocytic development, is reported. The most effective compound is the final candidate and must be prepared for submission. This blog post will attempt to help identify the primary areas in drug discovery and development in the context of service categories and disciplines on Assay Depot. Transgenic Plasmodium falciparum expressing luciferase offers an attractive bioluminescence-based assay platform for the investigation of the pharmacological properties of anti-malarial drugs. Each section contains links to Drug Development. The drug is evaluated for toxicity, absorption/permeability, and pharmacology. These concepts offer potential for developing pathway-specific drugs that increase efficacy and reduce side effects. The drug is now ready for formulation and preclinical testing.

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